The 5 Best Places

to Start Automation.

5 Best Places to Start Automation

You have to start the digital transformation process somewhere. Deciding where to start might be a challenge, since different departments have different needs and timelines. But we believe the toughest part is to create behavioral-changing source of productivity. We are providing 5 tips on where to start automating. This is a general list of small things you can decide on, to kickstart your digital initiative. By enforcing some of these tips, you will leverage technology such as AI to help you along the way. Within a few steps, you can start to develop your digital dream.

#1 Communicating Digitally

Build processes around the way to communicate. One of them, can be LED screens as a method of communication, while others can use virtual reality. More and more products are being sold through virtual imagery to convey a message. In addition, augmented reality is also creating applications and product-placement concepts. Motion sales! And lastly, email (one of the most traditional ways) can aleviate the consumption of paper being past around the office.

#2 Intake & Registration Forms

A simple form can go a long way. A form should have language options, and responsive alternatives. The strong part of a form is its capacity to ingest into other workflow tools. Imagine a world where you didn't have to fill-out paper. A full digital form can be incorporated into a Custom Domain and make the process seamless.

#3 Creative Content Website

We build domains like, a concept ready to take on a Branding role. We begat this name inspired by the smell of fried chicken, or a comedy club in New York City or L.A. The point is, get as creative as possible. You sometimes have to push the line of mind creativity.

#4 Upload Portal for Vendors

One of the main problems sometimes can come from the outside. Many vendors still use physical paper to do routine paper-processes. This is the time when you can influence the process - by providing an upload center for vendor to send digital formats. Sound pretty simple. Because it is. Form import can be easily and safely configured to your security needs.

#5 Document Management

So the form is created and documents are getting uploaded. What are the next steps? The question can be easily answered with a Document Management system. A DMS solution can aleviate the repetitive actions done, to get a document approved, retained, or archived. The best solutions are the one to accelerate the process.

Digital Summary

If you want to start the digital transformation process, the process needs to be behavioral-changing with the ability to pivot. Try to use these 5 areas of digital potential. Keep in mind, the faster you start, the faster you can start modifying and perfecting the technology. The task of automating a department or processs can be dawnting. You can always count on awesome available technology.

Content Marketing USE-CASE

Data Entry

Setup RPA to help fill out repetitive data-entry information into the cloud. Form-filling and processing. Event Creator. Data Scrubbing.


Post payments. Assist Document Management find matches. Clean-up contracts and expense reports. Content marketing enablement.

File Processing

Compress and touch-up files. "Save As" or Backup data. Amend documents together. Extract or separate pre-existing documentation.


Everything else API's and programmers cannot do. Close the gap between legacy and outdated solutions, and RPA to co-exist.