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  • How do I connect with you?

    The best way to get a hold of us is through connect@uxrpa.com. One of our representatives will assist in any website or domain-related questions.

  • How long is a site transfer?

    The answer varies per site and situation. You can register / transfer a domain within 24-48 hrs. usually.

  • What is the transfer process?

    To purchase a domain, you need to have a place where it can live. In this case, you need to transfer the domain to a registrar. We provide this service through our Web Store. The process is very easy. First, create a free account in our Web Store, then select the transfer domain option. Click here for instructions on how to transfer domain.

  • Do you provide hosting services?

    We provide a variety of web hosting options, some including SSL certificates (secured socket layer) and emails to get you started.

  • Are Domains 100% mine once I purchase?

    Yes. The Premium Domain you purchase is 100% yours. Through our Purchase-to-Transfer ordering process, you can have ownership of your domain within a few hours.*

  • How long is a website build?

    It really depends on the number of pages, design requirements, and interaction / shopping cart needs. Typically, a full-blown site takes between 1-3 months. A small-business site with simple pages can take up-to a week.

  • Can I get update in future?

    Yes. You may register for updates and newsletter content. Send us an email to connect@uxrpa.com

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