Sales Process Automation

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Sales Process Automation

The Process is Tedious

Contrary to popular belief, Sales too, can be automated. And here is a news-flash: For a sales professional, the moment a C-Level member signs off on a contract is magical. The feeling is contageous. There is a lot of hard-work involved when building a pipeline. When presenting Digital Transformation to some of the toughest NYC companies, we came up with a few stats. It takes the average sales rep 5-7 tries before they can reach the ultimate decision-maker. Let's be honest, calling someone 7 times, just to get 10-15 seconds is a recipe for frustration. We interviewed over 200 sales reps over the span of 12 years to find out what issues presented themselves in their day-to-day. The common denominators boiled down to these two; they wish they got in front of more people, and hope for more time to prospect. This is what it all comes down to in sales.

The sales process has many unique ways to create visibility, and most people cannot believe there are more than 4 ways to contact someone. I once heard a rep sending a left-shoe in a box with a note of "hoping I can get my foot in the door" message and realized the list could go on and on. Nonetheless, the process as illustrated below, can be tedious.
"The six to eight touches it takes to qualify a lead" Glynn added, "are crucial components of the lead nurturing process, allowing marketing the opportunity to educate and inform prospects as they move through each stage in the buying journey."
Gorge Harison wikipedia

Sales Gone Digital

Boom - The Meeting Happened! Once the sales professional is engaged with a customer, they have the opportunity to really showcase their product. This is the biggest impact of automating the sales process. We've seen many unique ways to create visibility, and most people cannot believe there are more than 4 ways to contact someone. I once heard a rep sending a left-shoe in a box with a note of "hoping I can get my foot in the door" message and realized the list could go on and on. Nonetheless, the process as illustrated above, can be tedious. The best part of our job is to help people achieve Digital Transformation. This is the bottom line. In the process, we've encountered dozens of common denominators companies are facing today. Tomorrow the number may not be the same, based on market volatility. When transforming, market-leaders are turing to building a Digital Cadence. Most of today's sales-driven processes expect people to have structure. To build a digital cadence, one must adhere to a few parameters:

  • 1. Find a Digital Champion - The [X]CDO Role
  • 2. Meet Regulation - Thou Shall Not
  • 3. Shifting Direction - Current situation and future-proof

First, finding a great Digital Champion is hard work. Prioritize the qualities you want in one, for it can make the process a lot easier. Our [X]CDO Role recommendation can be a win-win situation, since we have the short-term approach. The [X]CDO will have the three qualities of experience, emotional intelligence, and future-proof recommendations.

Second, we live by regulation mandated by government or corporate policy. We comply, but the process must e managed with experience. But here is the comfort - there are quite a few SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions out there ready to comply with your company. Size and budgets have no limits.

Third, you must be able to pivot in different directions constantly. A lot of industries are taking a massive hit due to past paper-dependency processes. In particular, companies who require to shift into a remote environment without access to their documents. "Full remote is no joke" said Jason F. in Palo Alto. "that migration of all docs into a DMS was a nightmare to begin with." reiterating the increase of anxiety expressed by IT leaders.

Well-Intended Acts of Good Will

"Goodwill to others is constructive thought. It helps build you up. It is good for your body. It makes vour blood purer, your muscles stronger, and your whole form more symmetrical in shape. It is the real elixir of life. The more such thought you attract to you, the more life you will have."
Prentice Mulford
Acts of kindness through Artifical Intelligence (AI) can be a very powerfull tool for two reasons; you can get to the close faster, and you can build a closing-pipeline from day one, by doing good things for your prospects. For example, one rep was able to get support from their manager to donate a bag of food on behalf of anyone who accepted "30 minutes of your time" to meet. Good Will can present itself in many ways. Take for instance, a sales team who coordinates to provide community service or infrastructure support areas with low-resource levels. This event creates enablement and conversation. The results of such activity eventually turns into an invisible hand of progress.

Acts of Good Will have the ability to help your brand become sticky. Maintaining a healthy relationship with your vendor is bound to flourish into something positive.

Bringing It All Together

Imagine a world where you knew exactly what motivates your prospects to buy? Or how to expedite closing opportunities in each call? That place may exist if we can make it co-exist between AI and Automation. We at UX | RPA have a solution able to tackle all three obstacles: the antiquated tradition of 7-8 contacts, motivating prospects through good-will gestures, and Sales Process Automation. Request a Demo or visit our Knowledge-Base to learn more.


  • Ridoy Rezuen
    29th Jun 2020Reply

    Automating the sales process sounds great on paper. My problem is distinguishing between bots and real AI. How does it impact customer-facing apps?

    Jony paul
    29th Jun 2020Reply

    Ridoy - Not the same. Bots send repetitive messaging and calls to users. Where AI actually learns behavior patterns to adapt to environment.

  • Ridoy Rezuen
    30th Jun 2020Reply

    There are tons of companies providing lead-generating services. I wonder if providing some of those workflow contacts and share :)

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